Visual Communication

I think, maybe, I want a Toyota?

Toyota – original ad. Created by Automotive Advertising Blog


Draw Over Changes

  • Contrast:
    • I notated the contrast in the ad with the lime green line. The bright colors highlight and draws the readers eye to car making it the focal point of the ad.
  • Repetition
    • I highlighted the repetition with white. The ad creator repeated a white dashed line in the corner adjacent to the car to balance both sides of the ad.
  • Alignment
    • I highlighted the alignment with a red line. The creator used right justification along with a left downward angle. It makes the tag line a little difficult to read; it’s almost like reading backward.
  • Proximity
    • I highlighted the proximity with yellow. The lone Toyota symbol in the bottom left corner feels out of place. There is a Toyota marker next to the tag line but it doesn’t really describe the car fully.
  • Color
    • The creator was smart in creating an ad that was mainly dark so that the car was highlighted and attract the reader.